Get Involved!! Upcoming Events, 4th of July, BarBQ, County Fair, Meet Max, Jan 6 Hearings


June 7, 2022 Primary Voter Information,  Upcoming Events, Scholarship Winner, Yreka Pool

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Max Steiner visits Siskiyou County, Convention Report, Primary Ballot Preview, Message from Max Steiner


Review of 2021, Looking forward to 2022, Max Steiner Visit, Redistricting, Local Gerrymander, Siskiyou Voices


Recall Results, Siskiyou Covid Crisis, Max Steiner Interview, Building Democrats' Presence in Siskiyou County


NO on the Newsom Recall, Key Dates, How to Vote by Mail


Keeping Democracy Alive, Truth Matters, Siskiyou County Food Drives, CA Democratic State Convention, No on the Recall.


American Rescue Plan, Special Election, Covid Update, Local Food Insecurity, CA State Convention, Candiate Updates.


Election Analysis, Looking Forward,  Volunteer Leaders, Congressional Embarrassment.


Election Results and Thanks to Volunteers.

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Crossing the finish line, How you can help the Democrats win! Make a plan to vote Nov 3rd; Proposition Recommendations; In Remembrance, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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It is all about the vote!  Meet our outstanding candidates; The importance of the Post Office.

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How many votes we need to win in November; ways you can help get out the vote; and a reflection on the Black Lives Matter marches in Mt. Shasta and Yreka.


The importance and urgency of getting out the vote; how the federal government, La Malfa and Denney have responded to the COVID crisis; COVID resources; and a bit of humor.


COVID-19 resources from Audrey Denney, March 2020 election results, and a look at LaMalfa's voting record.


Get to know the Democratic candidates for the March primary: Audrey Denney for US Congress, Elizabeth Betancourt for CA Assembly, Angelina Cook for Supervisor District 1, and Pamela Swartz for CA Senate.


What grassroots organizing is all about, a dive into what we do at the DCCSC, plus scenes from the Fort Jones Christmas parade.


Results from the special election for State Assembly, topic: campaign finance reform, and how grassroots organizing connects people and wins elections.


Topic: healthcare in rural California, thoughts on impeachment, and scenes from our fall fundraiser.


Topic: healthcare in America, and the upcoming special election for District 1 assembly. 


Topic: the erosion of environmental protections under Trump, and scenes from the Siskiyou Golden Fair.


Topic: the environment, agriculture and the USDA; and scenes from the Mt. Shasta 4th of July parade.


The California Democrats 2019 State Convention.


Topic: the environment, agriculture and climate change.


Topic: The environment, forest management and fire prevention.


Domestic violence in Siskiyou County, goals for grassroots organizing, and scenes from the spring fundraiser.


Special election for California Senate District 1 and Measure V, topic: public lands.


Grassroots committee retreat: reviewing the 2018 election and planning for the coming year.


Our first newsletter! An introduction to the grassroots committee and the Democratic Central Committee of Siskiyou County (DCCSC).