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DCCSC 2024 Annual College Scholarship: APPLICATIONS CLOSED APRIL 15

2024 DCCSC College Scholarship Winner Announced Soon!

DCCSC 2024 Annual College Scholarship: APPLICATIONS CLOSED APRIL 15

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Mt. Shasta, CA shares the love of God in an open, caring, accepting and welcoming community. Join us in exploring and strengthening our faith while serving others in Christ’s Name.  Serving Mt. Shasta, Dunsmuir, McCloud, Weed, Lake Shastina, Yreka, and all of Siskiyou County. 



The Democratic Central Committee of Siskiyou County (DCCSC) is offering our third annual $1000.00 scholarship to a qualified student graduating from a Siskiyou County High School.  To support our belief that an educated society is the best way to develop a strong democracy and that education is one of the best means for individuals to improve not only their own lives, but to contribute to a healthy society in diverse and productive ways, we are offering this scholarship to be used for education at either a community college, college/university or business/technical/trade school . 

Application and instructions are at the bottom of this page.

The deadline for submission is 5 pm April 15th, 2024. The applications may be mailed, hand delivered or submitted on-line.  Call 530-859-1231 or 530-925-9516 for more information regarding the application or submission.

The DCCSC 2023 Scholarship winner was Athena Maniatis, who entered Marymount Manhattan College this Fall, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Fashion Studies. Many DCCSC members met and congratuated Athena and her parents at the DCCSC BBQ this summer!

Our 2022 Scholarship winner Sam Shelly, who attends Vassar College, recently wrote DCCSC: "I'd like to tell you again how grateful I am for the scholarship you awarded me last year. Highschool graduation feelsso long ago because my first year at college was just incredible. Vassar College has introduced me to new areas of study, like computer science and coding. I've made many new friendships, joined the ultimate frisbee team, ate well in the cafeteria, and took the train into NYC - many times. It's been a great first year. I'm home in Mt. Shasta for the summer and it looks so different now, and more beautiful than ever. I appreciate your award and vote of confidence in me."

If you are interested in helping support future scholarships, donations can be mailed to: DCCSC, PO Box 4 Mt Shasta, CA 96067.

DCCSC Scholarship Application         

 Please print out and type. No handwritten applications will be accepted.


     The Democratic Central Committee of Siskiyou County (DCCSC) believes that an educated society is the best way to develop a strong democracy and that education is one of the best means for individuals to improve not only their own lives, but to contribute to a healthy society in diverse and productive ways.


      To support these beliefs, we offer a one-thousand-dollar ($1000) scholarship to a Siskiyou County graduate.  (All high school, charter school, home school and continuation school graduates are eligible for this award). 



1.     Must be registered or pre-registered as a Democrat in Siskiyou Co.

2.     Must be a graduating senior from a Siskiyou County School with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5. 

3.      Must have submitted the fully completed application by the stated deadline.


The Process:

1.     The selected recipient will receive the one-year scholarship in two

five hundred-dollar ($500) increments. One-half in the fall and one-half in the spring of the awarded year upon verification of enrollment in a college or trade school and documentation in the spring of satisfactory progress with a minimum GPA of 2.0 from the fall semester.

2.      The selected student will be required to participate in fifteen (15) hours of activities/volunteer service with the DCCSC committee work, Grassroot Committee activities or some other Democratic organization’s activities. This commitment will recognize the recipient’s educational responsibilities first and foremost.

3.     The scholarship award notification will be made in May or June 2024.



Submit the application attached by 5.00 pm April 15th 2024.   Be sure to respond to and provide supporting documents for all requirements I-VI. 

            Provide as much information in all sections as possible to give the committee a full understanding of you, your high school experience and your goals.


Return the completed application and supporting documents by the stated deadline to:

                                         Mail to                            P.O. Box 4

                                                                          Mt. Shasta, CA 96067


                                          Submit online to:


                                          Contact for questions or drop off:  530-859-1231 Scholarship Chairperson




DCCSC Application

I   Applicant Information

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________   Email: ____________________________________

High School Currently Attending: _________________________   Graduation Date: __________

Have you completed the FAFSA financial aid application and included the EFC page? Y___ N___

School where you plan to attend next year? ____________________________________________

Intended Major______________________ Career Goal___________________________________

Are you registered to vote (or pre-registered)?   Y _______   N_______

II     Essays

In addition to the information above please give answers to the following questions in an essay/summary form.  Please use a minimum of TEN SENTENCES to answer these questions. Use additional paper if necessary.

1.      Write a statement about yourself.  Include information about your background, interests, hobbies, and any other pertinent information.



2.     Please tell us about what you have learned from any educational or extracurricular activities, classes, community service or athletics in which you participated in high school or in which you are currently involved. What paid or volunteer work have you done or are currently doing?  How has it related to your future educational/career goals?



3.     Please tell us what a college education means to you and why you have applied for this scholarship.  Discuss your future goals, financial need, and in what ways this scholarship award will help you.



4.     Tell us what Democratic values or issues you are most concerned about and how you plan to address these in your life, college activities or community involvement in your future.







III   Activities Chart 

Use the attached chart (Appendix A) to list awards, honors, extra-curricular activities, athletic    achievements, leadership experiences, volunteer work, employment, personal achievement awards, etc.



IV   Letters of Recommendation

Submit two (2) letters of recommendation.  One (1) from counselor/teacher or other school personnel and one (1) from a community member.  No letters from family members will be accepted.  The letters should be recent (nothing older than one year).


V    EFC Page from financial aid application

Submit a copy of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) page from the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


VI   Transcripts

            Submit a copy of high school transcripts.  If you have taken college classes also include a copy to those transcripts as well. These may be official or unofficial transcripts.

Scroll down for pages 3 and 4 of application.

























Appendix A

Activities Chart (copy for addition pages as necessary)




School/Family/Community Activities/Awards/employment



Hours per week or month
















































Appendix B

Incomplete Applications Will Not be Considered


____(initial) I understand all questions have been answered and forwarded with the application.  If the application is not complete it will not be considered.


I have included: (check as completed)


_____Typewritten application

_____Answers to all essay questions

_____Activities page --- Appendix A

_____Transcripts:  high school and college if applicable (official or unofficial)

_____Two (2) letters of recommendations: one from a school counselor, teacher, or other school personnel, and one from an employer or community member.  No letters from family members. Letters should be recent.

_____Copy of EFC (estimated family contribution) page from FAFSA

_____Signed Appendix B (this form).


Confidential Release of Information

_____(Initial) I authorize the Democratic Central Committee of Siskiyou County (DCCSC) to use and release information regarding your application, and your photo, if you should receive this award.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

____(Initial) I understand that this scholarship award will be paid in two installments (fall and spring).

I understand that if satisfactory academic progress is not met at the conclusion of the Fall Semester, I will not be eligible to receive the award balance for the second semester. I will provide evidence of completing 12 units with a 2.0 GPA or higher in the first semester of this scholarship award.




I have read and understand the information and requirements for the DCCSC Scholarship.


                                                 ________________________________________________    _____________

                                                              (Signature of Applicant)








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